Monday, October 15, 2012

Fun with Measurement and Maps!

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!

One of our standards in first grade is counting on to 120. In order to support this standard, Miss Panella has been working with the students to count large quantities of various objects. Today, students measured area by counting the amount of color tiles it took to cover an outline of their foot. 

First, students predicted how many tiles it would take to cover their foot completely. Then, they traced their feet, covered their foot tracing with tiles, and counted to find the total. 

Students have also been working hard to learn about maps. Last week, Miss Panella led the class through a project based on the picture book, "Me on the Map" by Joan Sweeney. While completing the project, students used flat maps, globes, Google Earth and other resources to locate their city, state, country and continent. After learning about each location, they completed an illustration for their map flap book project. 

Be sure to check out their great work when you come to meet for parent teacher conferences. We will continue to learn about maps this week as we examine symbols and locate items in familiar places such as our classroom, school, and city. 

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